Are you considering studying a language at University? If so, we would definitely recommend it! It is not only tremendously exciting but it is absolutely invaluable if you're looking to hone your language skills. Even having the basics of another language is unbelievably useful and communication is so important these days; let's face it, if you can converse with others in another language you will be one step ahead of other applicants, fellow colleagues and even friends! Your linguistic skill will automatically distinguish you from others and make you a far more desirable option to future employers. 


It isn’t just the fact that you can speak another language, it might not even be necessary for the job you are applying for or for your day to day life in Market Harborough or elsewhere, but it’s going to be your unique selling point at some stage. Many employers look for the skills that you gain through doing a degree in languages; it isn’t just the art of speaking, reading and writing a foreign language that you benefit from either, you will improve your communication skills in English as well. Language learning also helps with analytical and problem solving skills and scientific studies have shown that studying a new language has infinite advantages, from improving your memory to decision-making! Have I convinced you yet that a language degree is the right decision? If not, read on...

Our very own Vita in Paris!

Our very own Vita in Paris!

During your third year you will visit a country where they speak the language you are studying. There are many variations of what you can do whilst you are out there; you can go to university, get a job, do an internship or even teach English. It truly is an amazing experience! Of course I understand the thought of living in another country where they speak a different language, and maybe even have a hugely different culture, can be very daunting. I can only be honest, I would imagine that most people would find the first few weeks to be very difficult. Don’t be dissuaded though, it is definitely worth it! Nothing can improve your language skills more than totally submerging yourself in it, plus it‘s such an adventure to live in another country and experience another culture, maybe somewhere you have never been before. I'll be posting my own experience on here in just a few weeks time (my French degree involved a fabulous stint in Paris!)

In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding learning French, Spanish, German, Italian or even Russian, talk to us about your worries and ask any questions that you can think of; we are fiercely proud of being a multilingual team and we'll happily chat to you about all that's involved in language tuition - be it starting from scratch or as a top up! We're sure to have a tutor that fits your needs!

- Charlotte (French and Business Mentor at INICIO)