English Language Tutoring

Some people assume English should be an easy subject – let’s face it, we are English! But anyone who has had to resit their GCSE English several times to get onto a course or into a job will back me up here – it’s not as easy as you think!

So many skills are needed to achieve a good grade in English Language: excellent spelling skills; a thorough understanding of grammar; fluid creative writing; a rampant imagination and capacity to tell stories; a flair for academic and essay writing and a lot more besides!


English Literature Tuition


Once you’ve mastered the skills in our English Language section (above), you’ll be armed and ready to take on the world of English Literature! Whether you’re sailing through Shakespeare or struggling with Steinbeck, there’s a lot to learn about literary analysis, poetry and essay writing – thankfully we’re here to help!



English as a Foreign Language

Whatever your mother tongue, the benefits of learning English as a second or additional language are clear. Although there plenty of places to absorb the English language here in the Midlands, there is no guarantee that the language you absorb will set a good example in terms of spelling, grammar or accuracy. If you intend to reach a level of fluency that will serve you well in the world of work, colloquialisms, slang or even poorly used apostrophes will do you more harm than good! Here at Inicio, based in Market Harborough, we appreciate that English is not the easiest language to learn. There is hardly any pattern to our verb use and the conflicting rules for spelling and pronunciation can be a guessing game too! Let your own private tutor guide you through this process, with tailored lessons and individual support.

We are based in the centre of Market Harborough and cater for all pupils in need of English Tutors in Leicestershire. We provide a bespoke learning environment, with a tailor-made learning programme to suit your child's needs.

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