Politics most commonly defined as the study of power and the what, who, where, why and when of that universal phenomenon. However, there is a lot more substance lurking under this umbrella than many initially suspect. 


Why study politics?

  • It helps you to understand your rights.

  • It helps you to clarify your beliefs and learn how to justify them.

  • It is a living subject that affects most aspects of your life.

  • It helps you to understand the nation you live in.

  • It improves your communication and public speaking skills.


How can our specialist tutors at INICIO help you?

  • Studying politics isn't just about watching the news and retaining the information (although that helps!). It is also about learning political theories, the structure and relationships of institutions, historical political events and their impact etc. This content can be confusing and overwhelming and we can help you to unravel it.

  • Politics essays are slightly different to those you write in other subjects; they are more analytical and evaluative and less descriptive. We can help with your writing techniques to ensure that you are hitting all of the assessment objectives.

  • Politics exams are very time pressured but there are many techniques that we can teach you to make sure this doesn't impact your grade, or make you panic!

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