First and foremost, congratulations to all INICIO students who took exams this summer! All of our students excelled and we couldn’t be prouder. This year, 98% of INICIO’s GCSE students surpassed their predicted grades by at least one grade (with many exceeding it by more), whilst 80% of our A-Level leavers achieved two grades higher than predicted by their school.

Since summer has passed and we have now begun the new school year, we thought it was time to reflect on last year’s success. After achieving fabulous results, our students are now venturing off to pursue their dreams and we have decided to do something special to mark the occasion!

In order to help other less fortunate children to achieve their goals, we have decided to use the micro-financing organization, Kiva, to help fund student loans in developing countries. We have donated the value of one tutoring session for every A-Level student that we tutored last year in Market Harborough to a partner student in a developing country.

From the outset, it has always been important to us to give back and leave a legacy. Although we believe that this happens each and every day with our own students, we loved the idea that this legacy could extend beyond our own walls. Kiva provided the perfect opportunity for this to happen.

Each of our A-Level students now has a partner student abroad, whose path correlates in some way with their own. This may be through a common passion for a particular subject, or a shared career ambition.

We hope that each student will be able to follow the journey of their partner student, to witness first-hand how such a programme impacts and improves the lives of these young people and their families.

Our students love the idea of having a partner student overseas, and it also helps to raise awareness of the value of education, which is something we are committed wholeheartedly to.

A-Level leaver Sophie Collins said, “It’s incredible that everyone has put in so much hard work, and now we will both be able to see the benefits.”

“It makes me so happy to know that someone with the same dreams as me is going to be able to further their opportunities, when normally they wouldn’t be able to.”

If you think that your child could benefit from the unique learning environment at INICIO, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the team.

For information on how to donate, please visit