Maths tutoring at Inicio

“When am I ever going to need algebra?”

How many times have you said/ heard this? The honest truth is that you might never NEED it, but it would certainly be helpful! Many people assume you’re either good at maths or you’re not, but we don’t buy that! With the right tutor, maths is a subject everyone can conquer, and we've seen scores of students surprise themselves (and others) with the progress they have made.

We deal with all types of maths students here at Inicio: 

  1. Students that require private tuition as they need maths for their chosen career or to get onto the course of their dreams. Whether this is for a GCSE, A-level or PGCE, the desperation to master maths is just the same. 
  2. Children or adults that have developed a genuine fear of maths. It can be terrible to have a subject that makes your school life miserable, but even more so when it affects your adult life and career too. 
  3. Whizz kids. Brain boxes. 10 year olds that can handle KS4 maths. Some students come to us as they simply aren't challenged by maths at school and they need their fix. 
  4. Borderline students. With six months to a year's worth of help, that C grade will be in sight and there will be no need for a resit (or two).  

Whether you fall into one of these categories or have a completely unique maths story to tell, our maths tutors are here to help. We are based in the centre of Market Harborough (in Bennett's Place Courtyard) and cater for all pupils in need of Maths Tuition in the Leicestershire area.

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