Science Tutoring at Inicio

With science taking a more prominent role in today’s school system, even the least enthusiastic scientist will probably take two separate GCSEs in the subject. Science should be fun and interesting, and at Inicio we try to make Biology, Chemistry and Physics as exciting and relevant as we can. Students will benefit from a tutor who is passionate about the subject, and who will inspire them to see science as fascinating and accessible.

Here at Inicio, our science tuition is adapted to suit the needs of each individual student, and we will tailor your sessions to cover any combination of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. As the three science subjects are very different, many students need help in only one or two of them, rather than all of them. 

For anyone who decides to take science further by choosing to do A-level Biology, Chemistry or Physics, we know these are particularly challenging courses and that support available can be limited. We aim to bridge this gap for you and to make your journey through AS and A2 as smooth as possible. 

Based in the centre of Market Harborough (The Courtyard at Bennett's Place), we teach science from our own, unique learning studio, and provide science tuition to Leicestershire pupils in a bespoke learning environment. If you are interested in a consultation, please contact one of our tutors by completing our online contact form or by visiting our studio to discuss your needs.

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