Students live in the present, they enjoy school, attend lessons and complete homework etc. They plan and worry about their future, the exams they have coming up, how to get work experience and which university/collage to attend. history offers them a unique opportunity in this frenzy to learn about their past and the past of those who came before them. 


The soft skills that you develop whilst learning history include:

  • skilful and dramatic writing
  • accuracy
  • a strong identity and good citizenship
  • the ability to analyse evidence
  • the ability to assess conflicting interpretations
  • experience in reviewing past examples of change and using them to understand current and future developments

There are many ways in which our specialist tutors at INICIO can help students who are struggling with history. It might be that the students want extra help learning specifically how to write essays for history, or they might be struggling to make inferences from historical resources, such as the cartoon above. Or it might even just be that they love history as a subject but are really struggling to appreciate the debates and subject materials in the classroom and want help breathing life into the subject... we're happy to help in any case!