Sun, sea and sand - we’d all like the summer to be as simple as this. Experts suggest, however, that all students experience learning loss when they pause over the extensive, end of year holidays (Downey et al., 2004). “Children who do not read over the summer will lose up to three months of reading achievement” - this seems like an awful compromise to make.

We do understand that, after working so hard in the lead up to exams, it can seem necessary to take 6 / 8 weeks off, but our suggestion is to take a week or two as a holiday and then use 80 minutes out of the 2,080 that we have each week to stay ahead of the game and avoid the summer slide.

As you know, INICIO is open all year round and we genuinely believe that the summer months are crucial for students of all ages. If you have holidays planned - no problem; just let us know the dates that you’re away and we will reschedule those sessions, so that you don't miss out. 

We always have lots planned for July and August, including:

  •  Extra science sessions - with science taking a more prominent role in today’s school system, even the least enthusiastic scientist will probably take two separate GCSEs in the subject. Science should be fun and interesting and at INICIO we try to make Biology, Chemistry and Physics as exciting and relevant as we can. Students will benefit from a science tutor who is passionate about the subject and who will inspire them to see science as fascinating and accessible.

  • Foreign language boosters - there are so many reasons to learn a language and the list of benefits continues to grow (for example, language learning actually improves your maths ability!) Whether you're hoping to speak fluent French, converse with a Chinese friend or greet business colleagues in German, we'll be able to help you to achieve your language goals.
  • A level preparation sessions and much more!

Although the summer is a time to relax and have fun (for all of us!) it is imperative that - for just a small amount of time each week - a student's brain is engaged and learning. I'm sure that you agree that by keeping them learning and keeping the momentum going (albeit at a reduced amount to term time), the benefits that come in the new school year will be huge and the dreaded "summer slide" will be avoided!