The Inicio Assessment

Learn How Your Child Learns...


The Inicio Assessment

Learn How Your Child Learns...

Inicio + ePace = Activating Ability

At Inicio we have two ways we assess your child - subject specific assessment and an ePace assessment.


Learning to Learn at Inicio

ePace is a simple online assessment tool for children aged 7 to 17 years. The results are used to evaluate a student's strengths and weaknesses in a range of skills and abilities essential for learning.  Results of the ePace assessment are generated instantly, and performance is compared to national averages.

ePace enables us to identify areas, such as reading, that your child may be struggling with. It helps us support their learning more effectively by tailoring our teaching methods to reflect their needs.


Bespoke Teaching

The results from each pupil’s ePace assessment form the basis of a unique learning toolkit.  This includes a reporting suite, along with practical resources and strategies that can be used to tailor our teaching to maximise the potential of all our pupils.

What is ePace?

ePace was developed in conjunction with cognitive psychologist Professor Rod Nicolson at the University of Sheffield and requires students to participate in a fun and easy-to-complete 45-minute online assessment, which delves deep into how they process, retain and recall information.

Students also undertake a subject specific assessment with their tutor, providing you and your child with an opportunity to view the wonderful facilities on offer at Inicio.





We offer your child a personal initial assessment.


During the assessment

The assessment gives the student some time at the learning centre to view the fantastic facilities on offer. As well as getting to know their tutor, they will have a chance to discuss their own hopes for tuition, any current issues and to contribute towards an action plan for their future tuition.


Arrange your own Inicio Assessment

To book in for your child's very own Inicio Assessment, simply contact us, call on 01858 46 26 48 or fill out this form and we'll get back to you shortly.