If you're lucky enough to be the proud parent of a 10 year old, you might notice something strange happen to them over the next few weeks. Because, more than likely, they are in year 6. And year 6 is a funny time.

Suddenly your child is a big fish in a small pond and you will see them grow, both metaphorically and in reality, to fit the 'big shoes' of the recently departed year 7s. They rule the school now and you will know it. Mostly this is a good thing - your kids will grow in confidence. They feel happy and comfortable at school, they have good friends and they know the teachers well. Sometimes, unfortunately, they will become a bit big for their boots (don't forget those hormones aren't too far away now either!).

But for some children and their families, year 6 can prove traumatic. There's a lot going on and it's a bit of a rollercoaster.

No sooner have they settled in to the idea of being the oldest in their school, than it's time to think about their next school. Open days and open evenings for secondary schools start right at the beginning of term - blink and you'll miss them. Here at INICIO we would definitely recommend you take the time to look around a few schools, because the choices you make now will affect your family for several years. Your children might also be dealing with entrance exams for grammar school. Then it's time to fill in that form and wait!

You will find out which school your child has been allocated in spring. We hope you will be happy with what you've been offered, but, if not, there's an appeal process to go through.

While this is all going on, your child's class will be building up to SATs tests in English and Maths. Everyone wants their child to do well in their SATs, but it can be a scary time for some children.

The year 6 rollercoaster comes crashing down on the very last day of school. It's time for your child to move on. They will be leaving behind the school they've known for seven years, their teachers and, most likely, some of their friends. It's an emotional day for everyone and most parents will shed a tear too.

If that's what you've got to look forward to this coming year, we wish you lots of luck! Year 6 is usually a fun and exciting year, but it can be challenging too. We hope your children (and you) really enjoy it.

But if you think your child may not fulfil their potential in their SATs, they need a little help in preparing for their 11+ entrance exam or they're just nervous about the whole process, talk to us at INICIO on 01858 46 26 48 about what we can do to help.