There can be no denying that maths is, and always has been, an important subject. Let's be honest, you don't always need to know about the Tudors or World War 2 or how to ask directions in French as an adult, but you do need to know about maths. Whether it's working out your change in a shop, understanding the interest rates on your mortgage or measuring up for a new piece of furniture, you need maths!

Good grades

Colleges and employers have always looked for that magical five grades A*-C at GCSE, but now they want more than that. Those five good grades need to include English and maths. Since September 2013, students who have failed to gain a C in maths or English will have to carry on with those subjects until 18, with the aim of getting at least a GCSE grade C. And if you're hoping to go on to university, most courses won't accept students without a C in maths - and some courses even specify an A or B. Courses like engineering and medicine generally require an A or B in maths GCSE, while primary and secondary teaching (whatever the subject) demands a C.

So what do I do if maths isn't my thing?

There's no need to panic and there's no shame in doing as many re-sits as you need. If you're predicted an F and come out with a D, that is a fabulous achievement!

How we can help

We are INICIO, a bespoke tutoring centre based in Market Harborough in Leicestershire, offering one-to-one teaching in our own friendly, homely centre. Here at INICIO we love maths! Our mentors can really help you to understand it and, hopefully start to love it too. We will work with you on whichever areas need support, from a bespoke programme which is designed just for you. We know that not everyone can be a maths genius and many people have strengths in other subjects, but we can help you to achieve your potential - and that magic grade C, which will help open the doors to the next stage of your studies or career. Give us a call on 01858 462648 or drop us an email.

Oh, and if you're not struggling at all, if you're an absolute maths whizz who loves to be challenged, we can help you too! If school isn't stimulating you enough and you just can't get enough maths, get in touch to find out how we can push your maths to the next level.