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We understand how frustrating Maths can be to some students, and the difficulty they face when disinterested with the subject. Many people believe you are either naturally gifted in mathematics or you don't have a chance, but we don't share this view. At Inicio we believe that if you have the right maths tutor, you can master the subject. We have had many success stories, with students often surprising themselves by expanding their capabilities and self-confidence.

Maths Tutors in Leicestershire


We have a unique learning environment in the centre of Market Harborough, just 17 miles from Leicester city centre, following the A6.

Maths is often feared by both children and adults. Our aim is not only to build up an understanding of the subject, its importance and structure, but also build the learner's self confidence, which may have been affected negatively by struggles with the subject in the past.

We also deal with some students who really thrive on maths. We often tutor 10 year old students in KS4 maths, as they are not challenged enough by their current school programmes and have a thirst for more!

So whether you're looking for that C grade GSCE or you want to become a brainbox in the subject, we're sure you can benefit from our tailor-made maths tuition.