Well school is over for another year. How was it for you?

Maybe your child has made it through that very first year of school - they went in looking so tiny in their big uniforms and now they've grown in confidence and stature, and they're amazing you by being able to read. Maybe they've done their SATs and have finished their final year of primary school, big fish in a small pond getting ready to embark on their next adventure. Have they made it through that first year of secondary school, with that smart blazer looking a little bit more tattered? Have they done their GCSEs or A Levels? Or maybe they've 'just' completed the 'less important' years of year 4 or year 8 (and, actually, there are no less important years at school). 


Whatever they've done, the end of the school year is a time to look back and reflect on how far they've come just in this year alone. They will have learned lots of new things, built on the skills they already had, made some new friends and got to know some new teachers. They will be sad to say goodbye to those teachers (and in some cases their friends and their school too), but they will be excited about what is to come. 

And, as parents, you should be excited too. Don't feel sad about how quickly they're growing up and how big they've got, embrace the change and look forward to it. Because that way you can continue to support them through their education.

They're learning fast and you need to keep up with them. The summer holidays are a great time to re-focus and think about what's coming next. Are your children ready for the next school year? Are you? Do you know what they'll be learning next year? Do they have all the right equipment?

Prepared and positive

Enjoy the break, but be positive about the new school year. By not switching off from education completely, you can help your children avoid the summertime slump.

Here at INICIO, we don't take a break over summer. We know you'll probably be taking a holiday and that's great (holidays are brilliant for relaxing, but also fantastic for learning), but when you get home, don't forget your child's tutoring sessions at INICIO. We'd love to see them over the holidays and together we can make sure they're raring to go when the new school year starts.