We all know how we feel when we haven't had enough sleep - whether we've been out having fun or up in the night with poorly or restless kids, the effects are the same. We're really not on top of our game the next day.

But it's not just adults who need a good night's sleep. It make sense that, if children are going to do their very best at school, they need a decent night's kip. But children are getting less and less sleep, and their education is starting to suffer. Without sleep, the brain struggles to absorb and retain information.

How much sleep is enough?

Everyone is different and everyone needs a slightly different amount of sleep. But as a rule of thumb, a 5 year old needs 11 hours, an 8 year old needs 10.25 hours, an 11 year old needs 9.5 hours, a 14 year old needs nine hours and a 16 year old needs 8.5 hours. So how do your kids do? Are they getting their recommended amount? Do you even know if they're asleep or not?

A big international study showed over 60% of English 9-10 year olds sitting a maths test were sleep-deprived. Perhaps not surprisingly, the most sleep-deprived kids were in the US, with a massive 73% of the 9-10 year olds needing more sleep. Sleep deprivation in children is more prevalent in affluent countries, due to the use of computers and mobile phones in bedrooms at night. It's not just messaging friends that's keeping them awake, even the light from the screen is disrupting their sleep patterns.

A regular good night's sleep can make the difference between a child with average attainment and a high-achiever. It really is that significant.

There is good news. If you get back into regular sleep patterns and getting enough sleep every night, the effects of lack of sleep can be reversed. Children will start to learn at their best again.

Relax and unwind

So if you want to do your child's education a favour - and see them achieve the results they're really capable of - it's time to be brave. Ban smartphones and laptops from kids' bedrooms and have a definite 'off' time every night, giving your child time to unwind and relax before settling down for a good night's sleep.

And don't forget you can also do your child's education a favour with some extra tutoring with INICIO. Whether they're struggling to keep up or they're a high-achiever who needs an extra challenge, talk to us about how we can help on 01858 462648.