Private tutoring is a fast-growing, worldwide phenomenon, according to This seems to be down to a number of factors: the positive effects on a student, increased competition among students and lack of confidence in education in schools. Whatever the reason, the tutoring phenomenon is showing no signs of slowing down, either in the UK or abroad.

More than a quarter of UK families use a private tutor. We spend twice as much on tutoring as the US ($10bn US dollars a year, compared to their $5bn) and way more than families in other European countries (Germany spends $2bn and France $3bn). Although we've got some way to go to catch up South Korea, where 90% of families use a tutor, spending a massive 20% of their household income on tutoring. South Korean families' tutoring spend almost equals what the government spends on education!

So why do we spend this much money on tutoring? Whether it's to reach their potential and get better exam results, catch up in a subject they find difficult or make it into a good secondary school, we all just want our children to do their very best - and we're prepared to pay for it!

Students who are tutored achieve better exam results. Research from a number of sources and compiled by shows tutoring can make the difference between a child being in the 50th centile and the 98th.

Students who are tutored are happier. And isn't that all we really want for our children? Having that extra bit of time with a tutor makes young people feel more confident (and therefore happier) with the subject they are being taught.

Tutoring also saves time. Being in a one-to-one or small group situation means children pick up and understand a learning point 30% faster with a tutor than they would in the conventional classroom.

Sounds interesting? Think tutoring could work for your family? We are INICIO and we're a private tutoring company based in Leicestershire. We work with students of all ages on a whole range of subjects at our dedicated learning centre in Market Harborough. Want to find out more? Give us a call on 01858 462648.