Maths and times tables unsettled Ellie. She wanted to get help but the home tutoring wasn’t working.

How a change in environment changed Ellie’s view:

Getting help from a tutor at home wasn’t working for Ellie. After her mum talked with a friend who had a daughter attending INICIO, they decided to try tutoring away from the home environment. Thanks to the calming, positive atmosphere and progressive learning environment, Ellie loves her time at INICIO.

Because her tutor nurtured her learning with genuine interest, Ellie discovered that learning the times tables can be an enjoyable, interesting and easy experience.


Ellie’s mum recommends INICIO to others, just as 98% of other parents do


“Ellie now loves learning different ways to study maths and English, including using Apple Mac computers, and regularly hears praise and encouraging words. She enjoys feeling grown-up in the relaxed, creative environment.”