We may not always be aware of it, but every one of us learns in a different way. Although some learn best from reading textbooks, others may prefer to listen to their notes, or use flashcards. At INICIO we ensure that every child, no matter how they learn, can get the most out of their education with exercises designed to suit their unique personality. But how do you find out your child’s preferred learning style, and how do you use it to their advantage?

VARK was developed by Neil Fleming in 1987 to answer those very questions. VARK is a questionnaire that identifies how people learn, across four different categories: Visual, Audio, Reading/Writing, and Kinaesthetic. Understanding which of these four categories your child benefits from most can help tailor their learning experience so that they can perform at their best. You may find that a child improves vastly in a subject that they were previously struggling in by changing the stimulus to suit their learning style. It’s not just used in schools – VARK can help understand everybody and every age.

Have your child take the VARK questionnaire by clicking here. Once you have their results, take a look at these recommendations for learning techniques to suit each category together, and give them a try:


·      Write down anything that is especially important to remember

·      Work in a quiet space

·      Use coloured pens to highlight key points

·      Write key words and phrases on flashcards to help you remember them

·      Where you can, use charts, maps, posters and videos


·      Recite your notes out loud when reading them

·      Record yourself speaking about the topic you’re studying and listen to it several times

·      Write key words and phrases on flashcards and read them aloud

·      Ask your tutor if it is possible to submit some work as an oral presentation.


·      Write key words and phrases over and over again

·      Read your notes silently to yourself

·      Turn any diagrams or graphs into words

·      Make use of lists


·      Pace around the room when reading your notes

·      Use a stress ball or fidget-toy while studying

·      Try studying on your back or your stomach

·      Write key words and phrases on flashcards, lay them out on the floor and turn it into a  game

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