Here at INICIO we know just how important learning a language is - not just for school, but for getting a good job in the global economy. Yes, we know that lots of people worldwide can speak English and you can usually make yourself understood, but why not communicate with people in their own language?

We're really inspired by comedian Eddie Izzard. Not only is he a very funny guy, but he's also a funny guy in lots of different languages. On his last world tour, he learned and delivered his set in German, French, Spanish and Arabic, as well as throwing in a bit of Russian and Italian. We are seriously impressed!

Global market

So why did he do this? For the same reason all of us should be thinking about using languages - to compete in a global market. If a French comedian can come to London and perform in English, it makes sense for a British comedian to go to Paris and perform in French. Without doing that, Izzard would be losing a potentially huge audience and, fundamentally, a lot of money.

There was a time when English was the language of business, so you could get by with just speaking English. But times are changing and the biggest language worldwide is Mandarin. Oh, and China is a huge worldwide economy that the UK does lots of business with. Big companies are crying out for people who can speak Mandarin to trade with China and it just so happens we teach Mandarin right here at INICIO! Even learning a little bit is polite and shows willing - that you're not just an arrogant English person who expects everyone to speak their language. (Eddie Izzard thinks people who only know English are 'just lazy' at learning languages.)

GCSEs and A Levels

Whether you need a bit of support to help you through GCSEs and A Levels, or you want to learn a whole new language for the sake of your career, you will be anything but lazy if you learn a language with INICIO. Apart from Mandarin, we offer French, German, Spanish, Russian and Italian.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you on 01858 46 26 48.