Along with English and maths, science is one of the subjects every child has to study at GCSE. There isn't the same pressure to get a grade C or above, but there are lots of reasons why it makes sense to do your very best in science!

Science is a broad subject and schools cover it in different ways. Some schools do GCSEs in the individual subjects - chemistry, physics and biology - while many do single, double or triple awards (ie one, two or even three GCSEs) which cover science as a whole.

Plan ahead

So everyone has to do at least one science GCSE. But is that good enough? That's where it pays to think ahead to your A Levels and degree (if you plan to do them) and even your career. It's a lot to consider when you're taking your options in year 9, but it's worth giving it some careful consideration.

Want to do a science A Level? Taking a single science GCSE might not be enough to get you onto an A Level course. And if you're not sure whether you want to do science A Levels, taking a double or triple award at GCSE will help to keep your options open.


There are so many careers out there which use science, there really is something for everyone! Have you thought about engineering, nursing, secondary school science teaching, medicine, pharmacy, becoming an ecologist, pathologist, lab assistant... ? The list really does go on and on.

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If you've got an aptitude and enthusiasm for science, it's a great thing to study at university. Right now there is a real lack of science graduates, which could ultimately lead to a shortage in engineers. While other graduates struggle to find jobs in the current economic climate, firms are crying out for engineering graduates.

Whether you struggle with science or love it and want to find out more, we are here to help. We are INICIO - a private tutoring and mentoring centre based in Market Harborough in Leicestershire, with our own unique studio. We can give you one-to-one science tuition to help you to achieve your full potential, whether you're in Key Stage 2 or studying for your GCSEs or A Levels. Our mentors love science and want to share that enthusiasm with you!

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