For children who wish to attend a grammar school, the 11-Plus exam is a hurdle they must first overcome.


The 11-Plus exam is intended to evaluate whether children would be able to cope in an academic environment with peers of a similar standard. Rather than using the National Curriculum, the exam is usually made up of a mixture of verbal and non-verbal reasoning, maths and English. For this reason, practice is the key to success as even the brightest of children can struggle to pass the test if they have not studied the relevant exam technique for each paper.


Choosing a secondary school is often a very stressful time for families and children can see the 11-Plus as the biggest test in their life to date. Schools themselves tend to offer very little guidance on the 11-Plus, so it is generally advised that parents take control; this often means seeking private tuition.


We at INICIO have a great wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to practising for the 11-Plus. We don’t believe that it should cause anxiety or stress, but we work hard to bring the best out of your children; be this through exam technique or brushing up on core skills.


The atmosphere at INICIO means that students associate the 11-Plus with 'showing off their skills' rather than any panic or worry. They grow in both confidence and ability, so that when the day comes to sit the test, they can take it all in their stride!