Are  you worried your child won't do 'well enough' in their GCSEs, A Levels or SATs? And what is well enough? Top grades or achieving their own potential?

Tutoring is a great way to help children fulfil their own potential and gain the very best grades that they are capable of achieving. It can also give them that edge to pass the 11+ and get into grammar school - if they already have the potential to make it to a selective school.

Supports learning

Good tutoring, like the education we provide at INICIO, supports a child's own individual needs and complements what they are learning at school. It helps the child learn in the right way for them and achieve the sort of results their families should be proud of. But it shouldn't pile on the pressure.

We were saddened to read recently that some families put so much pressure on their kids' achievements at school, that tutoring completely takes over their lives. If that grammar school really is too big a leap and your child only scrapes in, maybe it's not the right choice for them. Children under constant pressure to do well, and achieve results beyond their own capabilities, will always struggle and will end up unhappy. 


Here at INICIO, we believe tutoring is useful throughout a child's education. We offer support in a friendly and caring environment, where children will feel at home. We tailor teaching around the child's individual needs. With just one lesson, of an hour and 20 minutes a week, children can make really good progress with us - whether they need a bit of help to keep up or they are high attainers pushing for top grades. It is the right choice for many families, who see it as a key part of setting their children on the right path in life. There is no shame in tutoring and wanting the best for your child, but nor is there a need to push them so hard that they have no other life at all.

At INICIO we are proud to support families and children through their education and to see the difference it makes to their confidence and achievements.