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Don't write off science and maths!


Don't write off science and maths!

Science and maths. They're a bit boring, aren't they? Oh, and they're quite hard. And they're just for geeks.

No, no and no! Science and maths are none of those things and, in the future, they're likely to be where the money is. There is currently a shortage of STEM (science, technology and maths) graduates out there, with demand outstripping supply. So while most graduates struggle to find work after university, or find jobs paying pitiful wages, salaries in STEM are on the up.


With the UK already lagging behind China and India in producing engineering graduates, ultimately our shortage of STEM graduates could lead to the UK losing out in the global economy. Yes, it really is that serious. Students turning away from a subject at GCSE or A Level because it's 'boring' could have a huge impact on all of us.

And for young people that don't fancy university, there's demand for people with A Levels in STEM subjects too. There's growing concern among employers about the number of students opting out of science altogether at GCSE and underachieveing in maths. So qualifications in science and maths are invaluable right now and will improve your career prospects, whatever level you reach.


If we've got you thinking that STEM subjects might be worth studying, you need to start off with good GCSEs in maths and sciences. An A Level in maths is then essential to get you onto a STEM degree course.

Still think they're hard? Still think they're boring? Still think they're for geeks?

Funny you should say that, because we're really good at helping students achieve their full potential in both maths and sciences. Many people believe you're either good at maths or you're not, but we don't agree! With the right tutor, maths is a subject anyone can conquer, and we've seen plenty of students surprise themselves with what they can do. Science should be fun, and we guarantee our science tutors will make chemistry, biology and physics as fascinating as possible. Our tuition is tailored to your exact needs, so we'll make sure you get the very best out of maths and science to make the grade you need.

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