More and more students are choosing Business and Economics at A-level and for their degree studies. From economic concepts and theories to the strengths and weaknesses of the market economy, setting up and growing a business to investigating ICT in business, the topics included are thought-provoking and relevant in today's society. 


Economics and business are great subjects to study, not only for the direct benefits they bring if you want to study them at University, or if you want a career in business, finance or economics, but also for the soft skills that you develop. 

  1. You will massively expand your vocabulary which will give you a better understanding of current Economic events, and market dynamics as a whole. 
  2. You'll be able to understand your own spending habits better, which will help you make rational decisions with your money.
  3. Learning about cognitive biases that affect our economic decision-making processes arms you with the tools to predict human behavior in the real world, whether people act rationally or irrationally.
  4. Your analytical skills will develop, particularly your statistical skills, which can help you in any career you pursue, from working as a chef, to working with social media, to working for the Bank of England