Did you know that the long summer holidays date back to the 1900’s, when children were required to help pick summer fruit and farm land in a largely agricultural society?

This is, of course, no longer the case in 21st century society, with kids spending more time on tablets than tractors! Despite this, the school system largely sticks to these age old traditions, which can have a truly negative effect on learning. Even though the government announced plans to turn all of the schools in England into academies, meaning that they have the freedom to decide upon their own term structures, many still stick to the traditional model.

Smiling away!

Smiling away!

Maths skills, spelling and reading development are all skills that suffer over the summer holidays and, because of this, much of September is spent re-teaching material that has been forgotten rather than embarking on new development.

What’s more, the summer learning loss is cumulative, meaning that students fall further behind each and every year. By encouraging learning throughout the holidays, we can combat this decline and instead build a student's confidence, ability and self-esteem for the move into a new classroom in September.

So what can we actually do to prevent the summer slide and keep kids engaged with learning over the summer? We all know how difficult it is trying to get kids to focus by themselves, especially at home when they’re surrounded by so many distractions!

“He goes because he enjoys it.” 

Nikki, Julius’ mum
Learning is fun!

Learning is fun!

Learning doesn’t need to be a chore. At INICIO, we know that students benefit most from engaging sessions with vibrant tutors held in a homely, inviting and inspiring atmosphere. We love that our students enjoy coming to INICIO and we want them to enjoy it all year round.

As well as the usual sessions, we always have lots planned for July and August, including grade booster courses, A Level preparation sessions and much more. 80 minutes of private tuition per week will ensure that your child doesn’t lose any of the brain power, knowledge or momentum that they have worked so hard to develop over the past year!